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Uploaded by Background Pony #8A2C
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The EG Cutie Mark Crusaders snorkeling under the sea.

(I have a naked version of this picture that cannot be posted on this site coming soon)
safe (1460730)artist:php43 (283)edit (103386)apple bloom (44416)scootaloo (47310)sweetie belle (44626)human (133593)equestria girls (164004)the show stoppers (480)belly button (61021)bikini (14066)bow (20199)bubble (3970)clothes (366741)cute (154386)cutie mark crusaders (16628)equestria girls interpretation (486)feet (30324)flippers (132)goggles (11972)ocean (4638)reef (138)scene interpretation (7107)snorkel (368)snorkeling (54)swimsuit (21471)toes (4885)underwater (3986)


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16 comments posted
Background Pony #8A2C
Oh for f***’s sake, they deleted my safer version of the Sweetie Belle photo?! What part of ’OLDER SWEETIE BELLE’ didn’t they understand?! How dumb are the rule detectors of this site?!
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