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Fashion human on dress horse action. Original sketch by Stradivarius. Inking in, colours, and shading by me. Original sketch below:
explicit351204 artist:hermaeus xerxes195 artist:stradivarius256 color edit7666 edit132828 editor:anatomyedits85 rarity182152 human154931 pony970774 equestria girls200920 :p8948 anatomically correct24009 bangles121 barefoot27620 bedroom eyes59502 big clitoris456 blushing198185 breasts278417 clitoral hood1164 clitoris27325 colored19497 crotchboob grab51 crotchboobs21152 cutie mark47813 eye contact6508 feet40010 female1366071 grope13181 heart48483 human on pony action10545 human ponidox3529 interspecies22960 kneeling8745 labia1422 lesbian97167 looking at each other20329 makeup21549 nipples167643 nudity370823 on back24424 one eye closed30870 open mouth146497 rararararara9 self ponidox8134 selfcest2719 sex121439 shipping200634 size difference14330 smiling249435 teats7853 tongue out104275 tribadism2106 vulva128053 vulvar winking11888 wink24815


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