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#i’m p bad at writing #but there was an effort
safe (1374583)artist:greyscaleart (839)princess celestia (81088)princess luna (85688)twilight sparkle (250449)absurd file size (560)absurd res (60477)alicorn (152568)comic (84716)constellation (546)constellation freckles (46)crying (34358)cute (138838)description is relevant (579)dialogue (46595)eyes closed (64049)feels (1437)female (707932)filly (45799)filly twilight sparkle (2105)greyscaleart is trying to murder us (13)heartwarming (537)heartwarming tearjerker (2)mare (309902)mare in the moon (1419)momlestia (865)moon (17886)nuzzling (3200)open mouth (98633)pony (647137)royal sisters (3023)s1 luna (6277)sad (19582)sitting (43664)speech bubble (15258)tears of joy (1602)teary eyes (2056)the tiny apprentice (63)unicorn (183833)unicorn twilight (6002)younger (13330)


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