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This is my half of a collab between OPlease and myself. OPlease will write the story and it'll be posted later.

Synopsis: When Dragon Lord Ember commands him to attend the school of friendship, Garble goes to great lengths to prove the school doesn't work.

OP has complete freedom to do with this what he wants, so I have no idea how this ends.

Art, title and synopsis: me
Story: OPlease
safe1689466 artist:queencold669 garble1791 starlight glimmer48151 dragon55268 pony951142 crossed legs3139 duo59635 feet39176 feet on table188 female1347393 i can't believe it's not hasbro studios177 male366995 mare472663 office869 paws4786 show accurate14345 starlight is not amused329 teenaged dragon1290 unamused15950 what if151


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Background Pony #EC8E
Garble: Ponies suck
Starlight: biiiIIIIITTTTTTTCCCCCHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!
Garble: Woah, hey, sorry!!
Starlight: Bitch bitch bitch BITCH