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Chrysalis’ disguise as a pony used the inverse of her normal coloration.

Original vectors:
safe (1158645)artist:cheezedoodle96 (536)artist:marinapg (11)edit (61682)queen chrysalis (23622)shutter bug (113)the mean 6 (534)spoiler:s08e13 (541)camera (2395)changeling (20426)comparison (2826)disguise (1905)disguised changeling (985)evil (1622)evil grin (1889)fridge brilliance (18)green eyes (1421)grin (20767)inverted colors (173)looking at you (83650)mind blown (206)simple background (203717)smiling (125487)solo (701861)transparent background (110366)unicorn (114529)
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brown brony in the navy

Yes, I noticed my initial comment says Tia, Daybreaker, Luna and Nightmare. But I couldn’t edit it to say just Daybreaker and Nightmare. so I just tried to drop it, instead it ran on and to hopefully drop it again I added link to the image I was referencing with a little bit of passive aggressive wording cause it’s the internet.
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