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drawpile sketch
explicit398215 artist:spectre-z190 marble pie7263 pinkie pie233046 earth pony330413 semi-anthro18003 assisted masturbation182 bed47594 bedroom eyes68826 belly button91210 beneath clothes408 blushing227584 clothes533264 drawpile170 female1536556 females only14520 hoof in panties14 hoofing700 human shoulders999 humanoid torso187 incest15341 lesbian105609 marbinkie63 mare578122 mutual masturbation399 nudity429858 on bed5163 open mouth183619 panties55508 piecest498 shipping222510 siblings13015 sisters11535 sitting74290 smiling309276 softcore3056 spread legs23210 spreading23380 twincest719 twins2587 underhoof59211 underwear67972 vaginal secretion stain815 vaginal secretions44668 vaginal secretions puddle482 we don't normally wear clothes976 wet panties554


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Nice picture, who doesn’t like a bit of Marble Pie now and then, my head canon for ponies wearing panties in the first place is only one of two reasons:  
Either during estrus they want to keep mess to a minimal as possible as oppoed to leaving droplets of arousal wherever they walk and no signs of “winking” these are the ponies whom hate experiencing it, alternstively because there alwasys usually nude the underwear draws more attention to there plot which they want as well as the material catching there musky scent making them harder to resist or at the very least an obvious wet/heavily scented sign they want to be mated.
Background Pony #8A72
For some reason, I feel like Pinkie enjoys coaxing a throaty moan out of her normally silent sister almost as much as she enjoys making other ponies smile.