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Two mean girls
safe (1442945)artist:artiks (399)fluttershy (185763)mean fluttershy (187)mean rainbow dash (150)pegasus (192861)pony (711178)the mean 6 (1340)clone (1516)comic (90786)cute (151154)dashabetes (6801)dialogue (51316)duo (39919)duo female (6004)evil rainbow dash (82)female (772982)mean dashabetes (8)mean shyabetes (2)shyabetes (9632)simple background (294642)unrainbow (2)white background (73339)

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(Previously known as Glim Glam)

That one EqD commenter
Actual Rainbow Dash is the Element of Loyalty. Mean Rainbow Dash is her opposite, so she’s disloyal. That’s really all there is to her.
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