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safe1679815 artist:agrol705 mean applejack259 mean fluttershy225 mean pinkie pie198 mean rainbow dash185 mean rarity258 mean twilight sparkle728 queen chrysalis34321 alicorn219362 changeling46143 earth pony238870 pegasus281631 pony942081 unicorn312281 the mean 61639 animated97276 clone2297 cutie mark46820 evil rainbow dash100 fangs24545 female1339094 gif30219 horn62529 mare467943 mean six75 open mouth140589 pointy ponies3345 simple background384662 smiling241128 teeth9287 wings101751 wood739


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Background Pony #C263
I mean, Evil Twilight would've worked if Chrysalis had just cloned her instead of all of them.

Kinda shot herself in the foot…