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safe (1160434)artist:tcn1205 (82)applejack (123486)fluttershy (154900)pinkie pie (160485)queen chrysalis (23663)rainbow dash (173032)rarity (131167)twilight sparkle (216682)the mean 6 (558)spoiler:s08e13 (566)alicorn (111460)changeling (20481)changeling queen (2197)clone (702)clone six (18)clone twilight (103)dummy (42)evil applejack (40)evil fluttershy (45)evil grin (1905)evil pinkie pie (39)evil rainbow dash (37)evil rarity (60)evil twilight (309)female (482628)forest (5255)grin (20814)looking at you (84073)mane six (21356)mare (201474)mean six (13)pony (443010)smiling (126092)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (77895)


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Background Pony #8974
If we can’t take their love from them, then we shall ruin what love they have left for their heroines!
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