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The Mean 6’s not-quite-right cutie marks.
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The differences in appearance are all kinda camera mishaps. A lot of times pictures are way off from what’s actually there. Sure, the cutie marks are because they’re tied to identity, and the clones don’t have the same personality as the originals, but the other stuff is camera stuff. The eyes being more solid and saturated (at least in Twi’s case) could be from the camera flashing in their eyes, and the faded colors could be that weird thing where flashes make the room seem darker than it is. The colors in Twi & RD’s hair could be a mirror effect too. Yeah, it’s a stretch, especially considering the actual pictures aren’t like that, and I doubt the animators put that much thought into it, but it’s fun to theorize.
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Background Pony #0C7E
I also noticed that AJ eye colors are the only directly wrong since she was the only one who Chrysalis didn’t took a shot of her eyes (She closed them in the photo)
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Of course an altered mark goes un-noticed, because nopony would want to admit to staring at booty.

I immediately noticed the green apples because I can never forget the silly pony’s beautiful flank.
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Background Pony #BF51
And now every time I see an image here of the mane 6 where their cutie mark is off in some way, I’m going to assume it’s an evil clone.
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Background Pony #675B
Here’s another interesting difference. Mean Twilight’s hair stripes. The normal Twi has the light purple one to the left of the pinkish one. Mean Twi’s are pink first and light purple to the right.

And speaking of tag semantics, "Mean Twilight" is a much better tag than "Evil Twilight". Just my opinion.
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Aha! Pinkie’s yellow balloon is usually higher than the blue ones.

Twilight’s normal cutie mark has the magenta six pointed star superimposed over a white six pointed star. Mean Twi’s inner star is also magenta.
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Background Pony #EBFB
I am thinking this can only be seen by us, the viewers. And that the ponies see them as normal.
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Background Pony #6839
I don’t get why only AJ, Shy and Rarity have different colours, RDs up site down and Pinkies and Twis haven’t changed
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