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Started drawing at 11:37, it was supposed to be just a still image. I tried making it an animation near the end of the episode.

I Would have been finished about an hour earlier hd it not been for everyone in my house calling me every 5 minutes to do tedious little shit that they can fucking do themselves.
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(Previously known as 100SGX)

You’re welcome :)

Kinda same with me, since I had to move out for personal and kinda legal reasons with my parents and sister I got to everything that my family can do but they are too lazy to do. Things like: "hey pass me the thing that is literally at 1 meter of me but I want you to do it for me" or "Do that thing because I say so". Is so annoying when it happens.
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Ahh, thanks man. I don’t know if it’s because I’m kind of the middle one or what, but everybody calls me to do their shit. It’s so freaking infuriating.
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