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So here is a re-done version of my royal nextgen line up! As you can see, I took Thorax out cause I’m not putting it Reformed changelings into my au cause it got way too complicated.

Base was by , so thanks of letting me use it!

Also if you notice, there all related in my Au cause of celestia having a kid with mirror sombra and twilight having kids with regular sombra!


FINALLY SOME ART LIKE HOLY SHIT THAT WAS A LONG ASS MONTH!!!! I Still don’t have a camera but I used MS Paint, man my hand is cramping so hard right now!!!! I just wanted to post something cause I haven’t for almost a month now… wow!


I added Nightmare’s wing
safe (1431116)artist:foxytthepiratefoxgir (11)king sombra (11699)princess cadance (28154)princess celestia (83748)princess flurry heart (5536)princess luna (88086)shining armor (20126)twilight sparkle (260923)oc (526105)canon x oc (18751)celestibra (254)family tree (270)female (761747)male (258566)offspring (28812)parent:king sombra (897)parent:princess celestia (1597)parents:canon x oc (1525)parents:celestibra (142)parents:twibra (98)parent:twilight sparkle (6213)shiningcadance (2175)shipping (164749)straight (109661)twibra (276)


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