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safe (1501478) artist:anontheanon (299) oc (566441) oc only (385227) oc:peacherine (7) earth pony (172405) pony (778587) animated (88143) comb (529) cute (162940) epcot center (7) eyes closed (73665) fan (741) female (825537) freckles (22796) gif (26215) hooficure (91) horizons (4) machine (941) mare (374721) science fiction (573) sitting (50250) smiling (197345) solo (924740) underhoof (44018)


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Background Pony #E077
♫ we have learned to get more out of living, it's the rich happy lifetime we speeenndd for the whole human race, there is time there is space, as we reach for new horizons♫
Background Pony #1B7C
I was about to say it reminds me of Horizons, and then I saw the tag
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Equality - In our state, we do not stand out.

Man, if only the nail filers weren't there, I would be able to watch this for hours. For some reason, the sound of nail filers on nails is a billion times worse than nails on chalkboard for me. It's so bad that even the visual of it causes a chill down my spine, curls my toes and makes my teeth and jaws ache.
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Birdhouse In Your Soul
Ho my gosh, it’s been like 30 years since I rode this as a kid! Never thought I’d see that referenced here.
Background Pony #4126
For those who are already familiar with Horizons, there's an interesting article on two guys who were able to explore the Horizons attraction, and uploaded many of their photos and videos: