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explicit338218 artist:fishimira324 twilight sparkle293883 twilight velvet4115 pony920684 3d71498 ahegao23623 anatomically correct22926 animated96065 anus93040 cunnilingus9343 cutie mark45313 facesitting3159 female1319576 floppy ears49738 gif29694 horn58900 incest13097 infidelity6231 jiggle1617 lesbian93938 looking at you159724 mare457261 milf9140 mother and daughter5640 nudity355824 open mouth136835 oral46982 plot75824 ponut41670 sex115804 sexy27881 shipping193745 sinfully sexy515 source filmmaker43759 tongue out98902 twibutt5197 twicest1139 twidom1085 velvet sparkle214 vulva122361


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It says something when I normally avoid incest but Twi's expression just absolutely does it for me. It strikes the perfect balance between dominant, cocky, and teasing for more.
Background Pony #DB6E
Colour me very interested, perhaps by rubbing the ponut in the face instead tho~

Still great, love that face <3