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Cozy Glow is really bad at this.
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Twilight Sparkle: "…Okay, what's this about Ocellus I heard from Pinkie?"
Cozy Glow: "Golly, I forgot to turn off my passive-aggressiveness."
Twilight Sparkle: "And that makes it better how?"
Cozy Glow: "After how Queen Chrysalis had made life for mom hard, I needed some way to vent all of my own frustrations in a healthy and concise manner."
Twilight Sparkle: "And telling one of you fellow students to 'go fuck yourself' was a good thing?"
Cozy Glow: "Twilight, compared to all of the shit that mom had to put up with over the last couple of years ranging from Discords' Release, her capture by Plunder Vines, Tireks' Rampage, the two times she was taken hostage by Queen Chrysalis, and The Storm Kings' Invasion recently, I have grown sick-and-tired of how damn passive she is at everything!"
Twilight Sparkle: "Listen, I know that your mom is… wait, who even is your mom?"
Cozy Glow pulls out a photograph from her backpack, on it was the image of a younger Alicorn being held in the forelegs of Princess Celestia. Twilights eyes widen in shock as she sees tbat said younger Alicorn was the spitting image of the pony she was currntly speking with today. As Twilight turns the picture over to see that it was dated from just a scant two days before Nightmare Moons' return, and when she looked up the filly she thought was a mere Pegasus was now sporting a horn after she had unraveled the curled locks in her mane by pulling apart her hair ribbon.
Cozy Glow: "Mom can't go out in public withoht drawing too much attention, but since my own birth was kept a secret from the larger public, I have that stealth luxury available."
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gahahahahahah ahahahahahha!!!! I say that to random people "go fuck yourself" that's funny~count ziltromon
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