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Spike Deepthroat – Fluttershy
Sixth commission in this Spike Deepthroat series for Lysander! (6/8+)

The underdog, comin’ in 3rd place, if you’ve seen the original sketch~!

It’s aaaaalways the quiet ones…. Of course we all know, her secret is getting her practice in on Discord X3! Flutters manages to take a whole 7.5 notches of Spike’s dragon dicc, bested only by princesses, beating out all of the others! Definitely commendable. Nice throat game, Yellow Quiet~!

And a freebie Discord version as per request of the customer <3!

Now comes my personal favorite~!

You already know what it iiiiiiis ;3


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I always appreciate it :3.
explicit338218 artist:frist441333 fluttershy207319 spike77185 dragon53342 pegasus272411 pony920686 series:spike deepthroat20 abs10481 ahegao23623 anus93040 bed39258 bedroom9701 blowjob30688 blushing189249 crotchboobs20211 deepthroat5141 dialogue62896 female1319577 flutterspike542 male356451 nipples158311 nudity355824 older25378 open mouth136836 oral46982 penis146992 plot75824 ponut41670 sex115804 shipping193745 straight131561 winged spike8125


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Background Pony #261B
Thought this was an anthro pic at first. Pleasantly surprised that it's not. Loving the massive crotchboobs on Fluts.
Background Pony #4C9F
Of course we all know, her secret is getting her practice in on Discord X3!
I can't tell if that's supposed to be an emoticon or if Discord triplicates himself in the bedroom. Or sextuples, if it's three factorial.

Probably sextupling. He can't resist the pun.

In terms of quality this is the best so far. I love it because this one actually feels like it has a bit of, "weight," behind it if you could call it that.