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No one saw the rise of Queen Sunny, but it should have been obvious. The tiny tyrant had turned once-loyal soldiers to her cause, and after hoarding weapons and resources for her cause, she made her move. Deck 4B belonged to them, and to secure their kingdom, Sunset raised a mighty fortress, a structure as unshakeable as her will to dominate. There she looks out over her lands, finger on the trigger of her rightfully-feared Nerf gun, ready to strike down any opposition at a moment's notice, as her most loyal (and only) servant Lt. Skull-smasher stands… okay, kneels, beside her.

The former ruler of these lands, one Captain Tempest Shadow, by name, approaches her once-apprentice to negotiate her terms. Deep inside, the captain can't help but feel a sense of pride at what the little despot had accomplished. Either that or amusement. She's not sure which.
Anyway, more Tempest and Sunset stuff. I had zero chance of making an actual Storm Guard, so I had to do what I could with an already existing figure. Ahh well.

I hope you read that sign, Tempest. You'd better not bring any buttheads, you hear?


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Background Pony #B36B
Tempest's internal monologue: Must not burst out in uncontrollable giggling