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explicit397875 artist:lumineko2859 cozy glow8519 starlight glimmer53552 pegasus373297 pony1245760 unicorn410734 marks for effort1252 anatomically correct28030 anus111995 big clitoris534 blushing227363 chocolate3783 clitoris32381 cozyglimmer8 duo96950 duo female16730 empathy cocoa230 female1535323 filly79599 foalcon19819 food82392 frog (hoof)16393 glowing horn23643 guidance counselor97 hot chocolate1397 i mean i see540 magic82548 marshmallow1454 nudity429459 ponut51634 signature32582 spread legs23186 spread pussy4365 spreading23355 starlight is a foal fiddler17 text71227 that is one troubled filly22 trembling829 underhoof59162 urethra2713 vagina52107 vaginal secretions44640 vulva150579 vulvar winking14004


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The science says non-offender pedos who see lolicon or such it acts as a healthy outlet, for offender it causes them to want to reoffend. Also porn in general reduces rape rates. You know what causes rape? The studies show abstinence promotion causes it.

W-Why would anyone blacklist “Foalcon” tag? X_x  
This is the most fap-worthy tag this website has to offer. Personally I’d say it’s on pair with something like Lolicon Manga, and that’s a fucking League on it’s own.
@Saphire Systrine  
Only two websites in the universe would have a constructive debate about pedophillia and drawings with cute ponies. Luckily derpiboo is one of them.
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God is dead.
>I scroll down to the comments to see people typing walls of text arguing about pedophilia  
It’s a DRAWING. Of a CARTOON CHARACTER. Can you fuck off please?  
Also, blacklists exist for a reason.
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There is more to it than just that. For most of human history until a little over a hundred years ago, you were considered an adult at the age of 13. Then we started engineering our education system to slow down the mental maturity of children, and the age of “adulthood” started to rise- and it’s still on an upward trend worldwide, with some countries considering raising it to as high as 25 which is conveniently right around the age when the plasticity of the brain settles down and it becomes VERY difficult for one’s core beliefs to change anymore. Children have fewer rights than adults, they are easy to control and lead, and they are very susceptible to propaganda. A general population with immature brains is just what corrupt rulers like to have.
Speaking of things that have changed “recently”, even the word ‘pedophilia’ has been finding itself increasingly redefined lately- it is SUPPOSED to only refer to a sexual attraction to pre-pubescent children. After puberty it’s called hebophilia, and then ephebophilia a few years after that (incidentally all of these words were first coined in the last couple hundred years, with hebophilia being the most recently created term.) These days though people are using it for everything that’s even a day below the “age of consent” making the problem sound way worse than it is (and make no mistake, ACTUAL pedophilia is definitely a problem, there’s a reason puberty exists and it’s very bad to do anything sexual before then.)
The takeaway here is that right now the damage is done and the age of consent as it currently exists serves a very useful purpose because these days the vast majority of people really are mentally immature enough to not be trusted to be capable of informed consent before they are almost out of their teens. So all of those terms really mean something today, because of what we’ve done to our population, and it is absolutely wrong to engage in any sort of sexual activity with someone below that age if you are above it. Whatever movement there is trying to reverse these laws is very misguided because it has to start with education. If you want people to be mentally adults at the age their body wants them to become physically adults, then what you want is an overhaul of the education system and then for society to follow (and good fucking luck on both counts- as stated, it strongly benefits the ruling class for things to continue this way.)
Holy fuck I went on and on there, I need to stop before this comment goes on forever. I’ve been thinking about this shit since I was 16, guess it all needed to come out sooner or later. Anyway none of this is really relevant to the image and I apologize for writing this monster of a comment about real world stuff. Fiction is still fiction, there’s nothing wrong with indulging in something that doesn’t actually exist.
TL;DR: recent history on this topic is fucked and cartoon ponies aren’t real

Fun fact: Pedophilia ban is a VERY recent thing. It all started with prostitutes who tried to artificially increase the price of older whores. You see, they were so hopelessly outclassed by the young girls they were starving. So under the idea of “wymin rights” they started pushing for age of consent. Before that the idea itself was pure insanity. Form the dawn of ages of mankind, girls were married and had healthy children much younger than they usually have now.
Not trying to defend anyone or anything, just stating a rarely known historical fact. One and half of generation is simply not enough to completely shift the entire society. Girl as young as 16 can have a healthy baby and be in a long and lasting relationship. Yet today’s society would call her a whore who’s irresponsible.
Really makes you think…
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You are. You can use a memeic device to remind yourself. Just think of the phrase: Beastiality is best iality!:D

Pedo = Child. Philia = abnormal (sexual) love  
Yes, I know what it means, but you are equating it to Child Porn which, in this context with your “they aren’t real” logic, it is not.  
Virtue Signaling = “publicly expressing opinions or sentiments intended to demonstrate one’s good character or the moral correctness of one’s position on a particular issue.”
Example: “@detction  
It’s silly loopholes like that that makes the brony fandom such a comfortable spot for pedophiles. You people seem to learn nothing even after scandals like Toonkritic it seems.
Edit: The word “technically” is often a favorite of pedophiles and or apologists… ;)
Like @Glim Glam Says, you are clearly just trying to start an argument, and are, by definition, Virtue Signaling by taking a higher moral standpoint… WHILE LOOKING AT FOALCON.
Look, we all get it, you don’t like pedophilia. Then why are you still here? Oh, that’s right, its to start a fight by virtue signaling so you can feel a bit better about your shitty self. Save it for Tumblr, please. Now I am no child-rape-apologist, nor do I stand for real pedophilia, but it’s a cartoon horse. You wanna do something good? How about you go and lecture and the rest of the crazy liberals saying that Pedophilia is okay and are trying to legalize it  
You wanna do good? Fight real battles