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Flame To Fire

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Remake of >>1750166, English text.
safe1588006 artist:fearingfun1365 edit119754 edited edit2309 rainbow dash221100 pegasus247904 pony859863 barrel1452 blushing178162 caught3019 cider2435 cutie mark42353 dashaholic70 dialogue59683 dock44484 drunker dash375 edit of an edit of an edit127 explicit source4735 female1228410 floppy ears46626 frog (hoof)10429 i can explain50 keg46 mare427656 on back22506 plot71640 puddle883 rainbutt dash3001 sfw edit209 solo983598 that pony sure does love cider60 underhoof46865 wet7249 wet mane4928


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