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safe1899672 artist:fizzy-dog263 apple bloom54877 scootaloo54288 sweetie belle52117 earth pony330428 elf352 pegasus374028 pony1247193 unicorn411374 :d1479 adorabloom3358 animal costume2511 antlers2672 christmas16530 clothes533276 cosplay30830 costume32951 cute225538 cutealoo3286 cutie mark crusaders20366 daaaaaaaaaaaw5476 diasweetes3252 elf costume65 eyes closed113177 featured image1010 female1536584 filly79646 flapping820 floppy ears61201 flying44542 happy36244 hat102649 hnnng2574 holiday25478 hoof hold10095 open mouth183625 parody16338 red nose789 reindeer antlers547 reindeer costume195 reins1098 rudolph the red nosed reindeer189 running6769 santa costume1797 santa hat7002 sleigh280 smiling309291 smirk14962 snow15971 trio14331 underhoof59212


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Background Pony #86E4
Scoodolph, with your nose so bright, won’t you guide my sleigh tonight?
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I wish the mods would give us the option to see deleted comments, I’m always curious as to what got removed.
Background Pony #304C
I hope they don’t plan on flying, because they have the wrong filly for that job.