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safe1677918 edit129519 edited screencap63374 screencap218591 starlight glimmer47828 unicorn311629 marks for effort1138 bomb610 captain obvious620 caption21150 faic12171 female1337516 floppy ears50765 i mean i see489 implied death2533 meme81188 nonchalant25 obvious36 oh no277 solo1044724 this will end in communism288 this will end in death2371 this will end in tears and/or death2252 truth994 unfazed7 video game4788 war thunder77 weapon29823 world war ii814


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"…well, miss Glimmer, that's an extremely dangerous piece of hardware. It's a wonder nobody's been hurt before."
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Now that you've identified the bomb, next we will learn how to push the bomb.

To push the bomb, please stand next to the bomb. This shall "push" it. Pushing the bomb will move it along its track to accomplish objectives. Now go out young merc, and D E L I V E R I T