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Equestria at War

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Background Pony #FE53
in a other dimention chrysalis be a pony and be mother of a son and dauther but her husben die by protect equestria! is take the time of her two kids to grow up for remove all her hate on royal guard for fail to protect her husben! she call her first son Thoraximus Crystal hoof but his friends call him only thorax or Crystal hoof and his younger sis name ocellus and she very shy! she take kid to the school of princess twilight! Shutter bug her full name is Chrysalis Shutter bug and she know everything on bug and her husben is be a Crystal pony royal guard but he die get by kill sombra! first she live in the crystal empire but she move on to pony ville! her husben name Crystal Sword! the weapon and armor is the only thing she got to remenber of her husben! her son want be like his father but his mom is very again! she love her kids a lot and be very protective! is the reason she move to pony ville for her kids learn the magic of friendship! the pony who buling her were be a kid a now call her drag queen and she hate by call like this! but luck for her the guard of pony ville stop those jeck! princess twilight dont like pony who hurt other by many way, body or emotion! shutter bug be call chrysalis or shutter bug but her best friends call her chrysy! she dont mind! she bit rich! in pony ville she the secound pony the more rish alter fitty Rich but is put princess twilight is make her 3er place on the pony the more rich and she become a very good friend with the wife of fitty rich! everytime go visite fitty rich and his wife , she dess up her son and dauther like the picture! but for those call her drag queen, she show a picture of the true drag queen of all equestria and everytime a pony see this picture he or she get sick by look of it! Princess Celestia her self dont want get close of this Drag queen! Luna Dont want go in the Dream of this Drag queen and Cadance can’t fond love for this Pony, Twilight teleport her self away of it! Rarity fall in coma for 10 minute every time she see this pony! the worst is a stallion! and he worst as Prince Blue blood! Flash sentry and Shining armor everytime both see him go vomit on the floor! but thanks celestia he live in Mane-hatown and the chance to see him is only 0.01% to see him! but if you go in the sector who he live , you chance be 10% but the worst this sector is full of drag queen and rule 5% of the town! so everypony who call chrysalis the drag queen she remend them of the drag queen sector of mane-hatown! if you want vomit and get sick is the Perfect Place! Note Discord him self Can’t look them and get sick by look them!
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Wallet After Summer Sale

Such a nice, perfect, 50’s family. With well-adjusted foals and a dutiful mother. Too bad they are harboring a dark secret, one that would make them despised and reviled by their community if it ever got out.

Chrysalis is not a widow, or divorced. Both those kids are out of wedlock.
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