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Cozy Glow: Why do you have all those kites?
Starlight Glimmer: Because I want to.
safe1677938 edit129520 edited screencap63374 screencap218592 cozy glow7233 starlight glimmer47829 marks for effort1138 :i1538 bow27795 butt53753 chocolate3312 cozy glutes211 cup6132 desk3161 empathy cocoa215 faic12171 female1337528 filly64834 floppy ears50765 food68325 guidance counselor94 hot chocolate1232 image macro36954 kite785 marshmallow1319 meme81189 mirror5128 paintings14 plot77029 quill2662 quill pen189 that pony sure does love kites259


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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nobody's favorite
"Because if it was a kite with a bunch of ponies hanging from the ceiling, that'd be weird and probably a little creepy."
Background Pony #3B80
Because the kites is me and I am the kites.I can talk to kites.
If you messing with my kites, you messing with me and say hello to the hospital bed if you insult my favourite kites.
So, can I help you with anything.