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Ralek – sketch
CandyClops – lines
Big-Mac-115 – colors/shading
Fatcakes – lighting/color/border effects
explicit (288932)artist:drizziedoodles (334)artist:fatcakes (532)artist:meggchan (689)artist:ralek (1212)oc (540043)oc:euphoria (53)oc:ganix (61)oc:honey drizzle (101)oc:liz (89)oc only (371000)oc:turquoise (286)earth pony (158023)griffon (21968)pegasus (198029)pony (724161)semi-anthro (9874)unicorn (215538)ahegao (19093)anatomically correct (19397)balls (59533)beak (500)bed (32103)bedroom (6995)bedroom eyes (45579)bipedal (27611)bisexual (3053)blushing (158160)camera (3232)cheek fluff (3327)chest fluff (26966)claws (3966)clitoris (21565)collaboration (4169)cuckold (113)cuckolding (555)cunnilingus (8160)domination (1283)drool (20567)drool string (4596)ear piercing (17482)erection (9150)eyebrow piercing (577)female (785976)ffm threesome (194)fluffy (11761)framed picture (114)freckles (21307)frog (hoof) (7919)galiz (42)ganix is getting cucked once again (6)gauges (257)grabbing (513)group sex (12342)happy sex (1509)hiding erection (117)honeyphoria (23)horsecock (53013)interspecies (19035)knot (3093)male (267157)mare (351184)missionary position (3289)nudity (302197)oc x oc (11381)open mouth (107531)oral (40244):p (6016)penetration (42754)penis (124665)photography (486)piercing (29271)pillow (13238)precum (8330)recording (793)sex (96389)shipping (168516)silly (6544)smiling (188528)smug (4319)stallion (76691)standing (8498)standing on one leg (323)straight (111842)talons (924)threesome (8180)tongue out (78248)tongue piercing (761)underhoof (42207)vaginal (30311)voyeurism (1923)vulva (100180)watching (926)wings (55882)


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Background Pony #76D3
Ganix lining up to take pictorial evidence of his being cuckolded, and already leaking. Meanwhile, Honey Drizzle looks like he’s about to cum hard :3
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Background Pony #53F7
Pls do gay stuff I’d fave it in an instant. Your other art is really nice but I just think homo stuff will be a little different.
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Silver Bit

(Previously known as Big-Mac-115)

I mean it’s kinda gay… like 20% gay. As in it could end up end up being gay with the amount of sexual tension looming in that room.
It’s probably gonna be gay.
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Background Pony #F2B0
Deletion reason: This was reported for rule #0 but honestly I'm just deleting because this is some sort of incomprehensible babbling, which is impressive considering the few words used and the lack of obvious typos.
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Comments23 comments posted