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safe1862785 artist:little-tweenframes1 sci-twi27361 sunset shimmer68915 twilight sparkle320109 oc778138 oc:sparkling sapphire53 comic:homing in place0 series:sciset diary115 equestria girls222494 baby11476 bed46356 clothes519251 comforting1382 comic117709 couch9677 crib574 crying47545 cute220501 female1502304 hug31465 lesbian103821 magical lesbian spawn13872 night30052 offspring44616 onesie895 pacifier2870 pajamas3605 parent:sci-twi200 parent:sunset shimmer1641 parents:scitwishimmer150 sad26844 scitwishimmer2407 shipping218409 sleeping25271 stars18221 sunsetsparkle4592 tragedy104 window10105