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safe1900440 artist:hooon22 accord82 adagio dazzle14344 ahuizotl872 angel bunny10487 antonio17 applejack183638 aria blaze10791 arimaspi94 auntie shadowfall11 babs seed6049 basil420 big boy the cloud gremlin67 bookworm (character)26 buck withers74 bulk biceps3627 chimera sisters253 cipactli79 cirrus cloud24 clump255 dandy grandeur39 daybreaker3279 decepticolt30 diamond tiara10939 discord33908 dj pon-330994 doctor caballeron857 dumbbell652 f'wuffy19 feather bangs596 fido566 filthy rich1234 flam2298 flim2396 fluttershy231575 gaea everfree621 garble2021 gilda10381 gladmane172 gloriosa daisy1907 goldcap30 granny smith5679 grubber891 hard hat (character)54 high heel146 hoops461 indigo zap2718 ira23 iron will1398 jet set495 juniper montage1506 king longhorn60 king sombra15281 lemon zest3409 lightning dust4891 long face43 lord tirek5737 lyra heartstrings31517 mane-iac1702 manny roar250 marine sandwich18 mustachioed apple34 nightmare moon18217 nightmare rarity3189 nosey news30 olden pony74 pinkie pie233100 pony of shadows545 prince blueblood4416 prince rutherford819 princess celestia102385 princess luna106542 principal abacus cinch1079 professor flintheart49 quarterback179 queen chrysalis38042 quill (character)30 rabia77 radiant hope608 rainbow dash253303 rarity197974 reginald84 rough diamond31 rover1049 sci-twi27917 screwball1525 shadow lock135 silver spoon6948 smooze652 snails5571 snips4418 sonata dusk14738 sour sweet3657 sphinx (character)1074 spike85215 spoiled rich1300 spot496 squizard43 starlight glimmer53600 storm king1291 street rat52 sugarcoat3612 sunny flare2950 sunset shimmer70161 suri polomare1344 svengallop389 tantabus545 temperance flowerdew27 tempest shadow17955 the headless horse (character)120 trixie72927 twilight sparkle324691 upper crust714 vinyl scratch30994 wallflower blush2496 well-to-do53 wind rider256 wrangler75 zappityhoof31 zesty gourmand168 oc799100 oc:kydose137 alicorn260880 bat pony60288 bee1164 bird10642 bugbear210 cerberus284 changeling55565 chimera570 cockatrice564 cragadile131 crocodile310 diamond dog3731 dragon66901 earth pony330718 fruit bat344 griffon31121 headless horse287 hydra523 manticore595 parasprite2139 pegasus374407 pony1248012 pukwudgie71 roc177 siren2395 sphinx2249 spider2032 tatzlwurm264 timber wolf1505 umbrum1336 unicorn411720 ursa minor635 vampire fruit bat191 wendigo106 windigo703 equestria girls226213 equestria girls series37730 forgotten friendship6068 idw17122 my little pony: the movie20354 ponies of dark water187 secrets and pies826 spoiler:comic11659 spoiler:comic0234 absurd resolution70028 ahuizotl's cats66 alicorn amulet2044 antagonist2010 apple18323 background pony10955 black vine667 bump bump sugar lump rump92 butt to butt979 butt touch5621 carrie nation19 chaos is magic34 colt17088 derpy spider16 evil pie hater dash266 eyepatch3433 female1537307 filly79681 flim flam miracle curative tonic47 flutterbat7461 food82563 hat102697 headless819 hope98 inspiration manifestation book95 jack-o-lantern2756 male435422 mane six34473 mare578517 midnight sparkle2775 multiple heads1833 paw pads1207 pinkamena diane pie20513 pouch pony11 pumpkin5078 race swap16924 score251 shadowbolts1847 smudge28 spear2752 spikezilla518 stallion138724 the dazzlings4856 three heads621 top hat4815 twilight sparkle (alicorn)134727 wall of blue84 wall of tags5052 weapon34954


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Background Pony #15FA
Ok! What is that creature left to the mime, Right to Gilda, above the Yeti (Not Storm King) and below the I not know the old pony from the Headless Horse? It looks Cool!
Background Pony #DEE2
Vinyl Scratch is from a comic arc where she temporary turns evil. Is the dark Rainbow Dash, the one next to the logo? That’s the one from the episode “Secrets and Pies”.
Duck - "You would all have 10/10 episodes if i was responsible for this season as story editor and I could do it for free"

@Background Pony #15F4
When was Pinkamena, Feathers Bangs or the experts from Fluttershy Lean a villain? There is even Vinyl Scratch and Octavia out there and some of the characters like that dark Rainbow Dash in middle is not even canon.