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Background Pony #A5D9
guys! if babs uncle and aunt are the oranges, that means she ISN’T their child.

I couldn’t find any pictures of this magazine completed, but if it’s saying that they are her uncle and aunt, that that means her parents are not them.

Plus, lets say for a second that they are her parents. One, she has green eyes, both of the oranges have blue. It’s not impossible but the child is more likely to have blue eyes.
two, she has freckles and neither of them have freckles.
three, she has a dark brownish-orange coat, their coats are yellow.
And finally, their hair both have lines in the and babs lacks lines in her hair. Also, her hair color is neither of the oranges hair styles.
So it’s unlikely that they are her parents.
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Background Pony #160B
Yet in the past, they said she wasn’t related to
But now they say they are related?
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