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Umi maw
suggestive (105747)artist:meggchan (688)oc (486053)oc only (346267)oc:umami stale (166)bust (27529)chest fluff (22727)drool (18981)drool string (4198)ear fluff (15405)fangs (15833)fetish (26555)floppy ears (38287)fluffy (10743)looking at you (109861)looking down (4651)male (230961)maw (620)mawshot (925)open mouth (95342)salivating (356)semi-anthro (8708)sharp teeth (2261)simple background (268565)solo (827022)stallion (63856)teeth (5886)throat (195)tongue out (69577)uvula (1192)

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Background Pony #A241
@Background Pony #A241
Some people find open mouths sexy~

so what? just because a picture happens to have feet in it and someone out there has a feet fetish doesn’t make the images suggestive. if it does then they probably dont care to hide it by staying with safe.
Comments21 comments posted