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Umi maw
suggestive (118864) artist:meggchan (689) oc (557067) oc only (380109) oc:umami stale (195) semi-anthro (10237) bust (34702) chest fluff (28167) drool (21011) drool string (4725) ear fluff (19770) fangs (19071) fetish (31728) floppy ears (43241) fluffy (11963) looking at you (128945) looking down (5827) male (276405) maw (685) mawshot (1123) open mouth (110777) salivating (677) sharp teeth (2680) simple background (310392) solo (914917) stallion (80615) teeth (6868) throat (207) tongue out (81045) uvula (1391)


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Background Pony #860A
@Background Pony #A241
Some people find open mouths sexy~

so what? just because a picture happens to have feet in it and someone out there has a feet fetish doesn't make the images suggestive. if it does then they probably dont care to hide it by staying with safe.