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safe (1355573)artist:input-command (295)sunset shimmer (46946)cheek fluff (2739)chest fluff (23229)chibi (10403)crying (33910)cute (135227)daaaaaaaaaaaw (2257)dialogue (45779)female (693408)floppy ears (38833)happy (21793)hnnng (1931)homesick shimmer (214)input-command is trying to murder us (1)mare (302249)mirror (3776)open mouth (96868)pony (632827)return (4)shimmerbetes (3092)short legs (50)silly (6119)silly pony (2546)smiling (169844)solo (834576)speech bubble (14923)tears of joy (1560)teary eyes (1939)unicorn (177822)weapons-grade cute (2525)


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