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Wallet After Summer Sale

@Background Pony #2FC1
U.S. release is June 9th so not that far off.
Just 3 days.

BTW, see that? The mane 6
Starlight is not a main character.

She is a MAIN character, just not a MANE character.

Now wait a darn second. There’s a Spirit animated series?! Spirit as in the 12 year old horse movie?!

Spirit Riding Free

@Background Pony #2FC1
Is Spike a bearer of the elements of harmony? He’s not. Just like Starlight.

He is still a main character. Just like Starlight.
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Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

Horses in the 🅱ack
@Takengrin Endmmar
Blasphemy! It was pretty much the last thing OG Dreamworks did before becoming The Shrek company. A story set in the early 20th century about a young native american that dies and gets reincarnated as a mustang who’s then captured by the US Army.

That’s insane, who’s idea was it to turn that bizarre 15 year old film into a series?
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northern haste
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Enter if you dare
By the looks of it the channel is going to are pretty much every episode of this half of the season starting Saturday.
I can’t find any TV schedules that go far enough
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