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When the world goes against your will, smell the sea spray at sunset and let the wind wash up all your sorrow.
For one perfect moment, everything is harmonious and peaceful…
For a long time I felt bad not drawing enough landscapes and backgrounds, so I decided to get on it and I drew this. I used a reference photo of a sunset in Iceland (I'm facinated with this country since I'm little) and I added Rainbow Dash in it. I tried painting her with the greyscale technique (when you paint in black and white and add the color after) but I feel like the end result could've been better if I had used my regular technique.The rocks and the grass were hell to paint, but I loved painting the sea and the sky (the colors were so fun!)I added some colors on rainbow's wings because I really like when her feathers are a different color from her body. It makes the wings pop out and it feels more realistic (most birds have different colors on their wings).

And if you're wondering what this rock in the sea is, it's called Hvítserkur, and it's situated in the North-West of Iceland (I'll let you have a look at Wikipedia if you want to know more).

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safe1704727 artist:gaelledragons228 rainbow dash233744 pegasus291085 pony965945 beautiful5564 cliff1116 clothes458982 cloud30679 cloudy6097 coast86 colored wings6133 colored wingtips1661 detailed778 ear fluff29493 facing away259 featured image876 female1361474 gradient wings748 grass9648 iceland18 looking at something2599 mare479742 mountain5103 mountain range593 multicolored wings2749 ocean6488 prone25486 rear view12017 scarf23229 scenery8016 scenery porn844 sky14128 solo1062901 windswept mane2787 wing fluff1625 wings107059


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this reminds me of my trip down to the west coast of america, prolly just because of the water, but I still like it
very beautiful
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The rock is a little out of place without anything else around it, at first glance it looks like a rock golem being all like "Ya wanna go mate?"