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safe1708266 artist:uotapo944 diamond tiara10235 fluttershy212851 ocellus5305 silver spoon6532 silverstream6141 twist2871 classical hippogriff4962 earth pony249430 hippogriff9739 pegasus292486 pony969389 comic109184 female1364821 filly66872 fujoshi50 fujoshy13 glasses62005 hearts and hooves day2157 implied gallus65 implied lesbian3466 lesbian97095 mare481567 otakushy79 present5978 seiza15 shipper on deck1440 shipping200449 silvertiara427 speech bubble23354


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I love this couple please fluttershy do more…if it's not a bugger y////y[cover eyes while blushing] sorry~count ziltromon
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Don't Call Me Brony
Okay, it's mostly a good translation till you reach that final panel.

"Oh, Gallus, no! Not there…"

"Teacher! We're looking forward to your new work!!"

That line of dialogue Fluttershy is saying is literally "Oh, no, Gallus. In a place like this…" However, the "In a place like this…" is kind of a trope in romance comics. Considering how the comic Twist has is a lewd Yuri manga and that the speaker in the one being drawn is saying "Oh, no!" usually indicates that she's being touched in her privates. So, a little translation finesse is required.

The other mistake is reading 先生 (sensei, teacher) as 先輩 (senpai, senior).
Background Pony #EC3A
There seems to be a mistranslation in the last panel. ガーラス (GAARASU) should probably be "Gallus," not "Girls."