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Celestia and Luna followed their mother clumsily as they flew far, far from Paradise Estate, not sure why she had woken them up in the middle of the night. They flew all through the night into daytime, neither foal being quite sure where they flew over, or even which direction they were heading. Eventually the midday came with opressing heat as they arrived at a big field, surrounded by woods and a small stream. Luna greatfully laid down beneth the lone tree in the middle to rest her aching wings, Celestia moving to join her. But their mother didn’t follow, just telling them to stay here, and not follow her. Wait, she was leaving?
Something was going on, something she had never seen before, and she needed to go back and help the others. It was dangerous, this new thing, even if none of the others seemed to realise it. Far too dangerous for fillies, so they had to stay here. She would deal with it, and then come back for them.
Bur surely Celestia could help? Her wings were almost not tired at all, and she was so close to getting her symbol, she could help with this danger. …But Luna couldn’t, and she couldn’t be left alone out here. Just keep her safe, alright? And then once the danger was over, they could go home.
And do not worry, Ponyland had been in danger many times before, but they always managed to save everyone. Just stay calm, and be safe; the danger would soon be over and their mother would return.

But I guess she didn’t :>
For some reason I really like the headcanon that G1 and G4 both exist in the same universe, but G1 being set very far back in the past. I didn’t come up with it, but I cannot for the life of me remember where I got it from :/ Some fanfic that had changelings as corrupted flutterponies?
In the beginning there wasn’t much to disprove this headcanon, but nowadays with Tirek and Scorpan being in G4, a bit more fudging/ignoring parts is neccessary to make the headcanon/now-au-I-guess work. Still I find it fun to think about It could be set before the three tribes separated, thus being extremely far into the past. Maybe so far back that the reason they look more pony-like is because ponies evolved during the time it took to get to G4?
But what happened to the different magical creatures that lived there, but isn’t shown in equestria? With Capper we at least now know that Catrina’s species survived, and I guess bushwoolies lost their sapience and became feral?? Yikes.
Anyway, my favourite used-to-be-headcanon-is-now-au-I-guess is that Celestia and Luna originally came from …Ponyland (I cannot remember/find any other name for the area ponies lived in in G1). It would explain why they are so much bigger and look slightly different compared to normal ponies: Cadence also looks different, bit she is much closer to other ponies in size and appearence than the sisters are.
Though, not sure exactly if this scenario is the way I want it to be? Should they be born as alicorns, or turn into ones? I have things I like and dislike for both. And what’s this new, dangerous thing their mother is talking about? It was supposed to be Discord, and end with them seeing pink clouds in the distance, but I’m not sure how that fits into G4’s timeline…
Anyway, I don’t think this is anything close to canon, but as I said, I really like to think about it C: And draw it I guess.
Also, this in not the same AU-thing as Rescue at Everfree castle, that one only had G4 in they style of G1
safe1785510 artist:jackiebloom224 princess celestia97850 princess luna102014 alicorn239058 pony1087067 g115193 g42387 bow30950 cewestia1815 chromatic aberration1581 duo focus939 female1434061 filly72025 foal15964 g4 to g1202 generation leap6037 high res36313 prone27015 scenery8407 tail bow6054 tree34685 woona5133 younger18011


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