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safe1750214 artist:twilite-sparkleplz331 princess celestia96753 raven754 alicorn232855 human158938 pony1010306 equestria girls206972 cake10085 cakelestia1096 cewestia1805 clothes475902 crown17954 dress46064 duo64711 ear piercing27782 earring22157 feet41555 female1401668 filly69606 food72965 humanized101909 jewelry68196 piercing43095 regalia21137 square crossover433 younger17757


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Background Pony #6725
well she care for her young Princess! but she mose go to a date! but she let the guard protect celestia and baby luna! raven tell celestia all she to do and be a big girl! celestia promess she well and she will watch her little sister! she a big sister, so celestia mose act like one and plus be a princess! raven do her best teach and help her little princess for the future of equestria! this equestria, not all want live with human! so human dont like the idea be rule by pony so blud their own land and the same for soomepony dont like human are blud thier own pony land! equestria is a land who pony or not ca live here! the population 25% of none pony and 50% of pony and 25% of human! so place out of equestria is live only the race who bluid and live here! like the dragon land or human land! celestia want make peace with all land! she dont care is take 1000 years to do it, she will do it!