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Season 8 Waifu Hall of Fame.
safe1679440 artist:alphamonouryuuken194 edit129630 edited screencap63439 screencap218841 auntie applesauce297 fluttershy209872 ocean flow126 raspberry beret88 skellinore181 stellar flare1184 non-compete clause721 alternate hairstyle27478 cosplay27447 costume26981 discovery family logo11648 employee of the month40 exploitable meme33166 fluttergoth790 hipstershy281 meme81232 severeshy271 shylestia167 template1534 wall of shy28


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Background Pony #844F
This season is going to be called season of waifu. They just keep coming in.
Background Pony #76D8
Missing Starlight. She just been amazing this season. And the most adorable.

Mare hunter
Stellar Flare is hot. Also, I would have picked Apple Rose over Auntie Applesauce but that's me. Raspberry Beret is total waifu material, I could watch an entire episode of just her.