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given the information in the episode, it would be a greater stretch to believe they are "just friends". if your only basis that they shouldn’t be together is purely on their genders, then you might need to rethink your viewpoint

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This reminds me of a valentine’s twitter post where some poor lad gave thousands of dollars of gifts to his female best friend lmao
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Just let people ship what they choose to ship. Some people don’t even ship the married couples the show has to offer, if people don’t like Lyrabon, that’s perfectly fine.
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Because the fandom pushed it on. They were nothing but background characters when they first appeared. Then suddenly, people tried to make them a gay couple because they sat next to each other in their first episode. If that’s the case, then everybody who sat next to everybody else in all the previous seasons are now gay, lesbian, or bisexual couples.

Unless DHX confirms it or unless they start kissing on screen, it’s not officially canon, no matter what you guys want. You can fantasize about it all you want; hell, I’d be okay with it. But if you force a ship onto a group of characters to fulfill your own desires, then that’s not fun. That’s just annoying.
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It isn’t officially confirmed to be canon. They’ve teased us with it, but until they actually confirm by mouth that the two are a couple, then it isn’t canon. As it stands, it’s fanon. That’s not denying anything, that’s just stating the obvious.

This fandom needs to stop pushing things on everyone else instead of letting it just happen on its own. If they want them to be a lesbian couple, then let DHX do it on their own accord, not what your headcanon wants it to be. There’s nothing more annoying than a forced ship – gay, straight, or bi. Because then it’s not just natural, it’s just pandering to fans.
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