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given the information in the episode, it would be a greater stretch to believe they are "just friends". if your only basis that they shouldn’t be together is purely on their genders, then you might need to rethink your viewpoint

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@Background Pony #7BD0
Let’s not start this shit again

Because if we were, i would reply with something like:
This wasn’t an exception. They laid out hints after hints. Sure, if it were only ONE instance, then one might say "they are just close friends, some friends do stuff like holding hands", but if several instances of closeness and valentine and comparison to het couples happens, that is more than just "eeh, some friends do stuff like that".

The fact that even NOW, after their marriage, there are still people who deny the canon just further laments the point that people willingly try to deny the evidence.

But like i said, that is something i WOULD say, if we were to try open the can of worms again. But we shouldn’t ;)
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@Background Pony #F492
Because it’s fun watching people trip over themselves to justify pushing sexualities onto cartoon characters, and refuse to believe that people of the same gender can be extremely close without being gay. We don’t even have to make valid points to have you tripping over yourselves defending your behaviour.
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@Background Pony #131D
Yeah, remember also the time where the cmc constantly hanged out with Cheerilie outside school? Gave each other bedroom eyes? Were featured among several canon couples in a valentine artwork from hasbro? Oh wait, that didn’t happen, it was just this single instance.

Why do people always ignore every other instance of Bonbon and Lyra together when it comes to "debunking" the lesbian theory?
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>the CMC give a large, hoof-made gift to their teacher on the same holiday

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This reminds me of a valentine’s twitter post where some poor lad gave thousands of dollars of gifts to his female best friend lmao
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Just let people ship what they choose to ship. Some people don’t even ship the married couples the show has to offer, if people don’t like Lyrabon, that’s perfectly fine.
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