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Surprise Package
From Today's Episode.
Come on! I can't be the only one that thought that this was going to happen.
>Sweetie Belle Gets the Package by accident.
>Secret meeting in the barn w/Big Mac for a "Surprise"

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Background Pony #B2B8
I think it is a matter of opposites attract.

Sweetie Belle and Big Macintosh are about as opposite as Pinkie Pie and Mud briar in personality.
Background Pony #45F5
A lot of people see Sweetie Belle as a jailbait slut for many wierd reasons, huh? I wonder why.
Wish fulfillment, maybe? I suspect there are more than a few people with not so innocent interests in her.
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💠horse fancy💠
You just summed me up watching 'The Tin Drum' on TV, and a maybe 6 yo boy pissing on another half-buried-in-the-beach boy (and then showing his penis) in some part of 'Lemon Popsicle' — also on TV.
It was terrifying AF.
Background Pony #C0D8
Just as Dragk stated in the desc, the letter Big Mac wrote literally said "meet me in my barn at sunset for a surprise…" and Sweetie Belle got really happy when she received the package with it.
Artist -

lmao, It's a shame that such a thing would never happen, but it's so hot to fantasize about it happening, just sitting there watching mlp as normal on tv and suddenly they start fucking~