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Collaboration with Nightskrill; she drew the original traditionally and I finished it digitally. ♡
safe (1484456) artist:meggchan (689) artist:nightskrill (350) oc (555470) oc only (379298) oc:tarot (102) oc:xor (37) classical unicorn (3548) sphinx (1450) unicorn (226279) blushing (161930) cloven hooves (7854) collaboration (4314) couple (4136) cuddling (7313) curved horn (5031) cute (159627) ear piercing (18173) female (809300) floppy ears (43133) fluffy (11946) hooves (15187) interspecies (19346) leonine tail (6245) long tail (1772) male (275574) mare (365329) oc x oc (11656) paws (3760) piercing (30281) romantic (985) shipping (171703) simple background (309420) sleeping (20054) smiling (193516) snuggling (6246) sphinx oc (431) straight (113674) taror (30) transparent background (161290) unshorn fetlocks (19895) wing hold (283) wings (58886)


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@Yuki Huy
As much as I personally enjoy comics, they’re incredibly time consuming to draw and also difficult for me to conceptualize when it involves my own characters. I’m not the very best writer either, so I wouldn’t really know what to make a comic about ;;

If I ever have a great idea for one in the future that motivated me enough to draw it all out, I’d certainly love to give it a try!