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The Concept is called the Get-Along-Shirt.
But I didn't wanna call it that in the pic because it might be trademarked or someshit.
And porn and trademarks are like Darkness and Mirrors. You don't mix those.

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suggestive140661 artist:pshyzomancer476 apple bloom48961 sweetie belle48640 equestria girls197767 blushing194458 breasts272855 clothes452735 delicious flat chest5080 embarrassed11194 eye contact6443 female1346026 get along shirt28 implied applejack658 implied rarity1038 lesbian95710 looking at each other19686 open mouth142065 pink background2884 shared clothing687 shipping197751 simple background387130 smiling243126 sweater14312 sweetiebloom315 text58613 wide eyes16900


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That's him, officer
@Tim Timsen
Sweetie Belle: B-but my butt is poking out, it's too short!
Apple Bloom: Want me to cover it with mah hands?
Sweetie Belle: Huh?
Apple Bloom: Your butt. Want me to cover it with mah hands?
Sweetie Belle: HUH!?
Apple Bloom: Come on, it'll look like ah'm huggin' ya.
Sweetie Belle: N-no!
Apple Bloom: Don't be such a Scootaloo. *grab*
Sweetie Belle: Ah!
Apple Bloom: See? All covered.
Sweetie Belle: Mmh…
Apple Bloom: … You okay?
Sweetie Belle: Tighter…
Apple Bloom: Hm?
Sweetie Belle: Grab a little… tighter…

Background Pony #F44D
Listen to your big sister, Sweetie Belle.
She knows what is best for you.
Background Pony #CD05
@Tim Timsen
It's not anthro. I have no idea what that guy is talking about. I would remove it, but I can't edit tags anonymously.
Background Pony #C6B8
I wouldn't mind doing this with one of their sisters or their sisters friends.