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Uploaded by Background Pony #BA05
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safe1949023 artist:violetmagician25 angel bunny10619 apple bloom55898 applejack186525 big macintosh31108 derpy hooves53699 discord34525 dj pon-331386 doctor whooves11414 fluttershy236077 granny smith5776 gummy5394 hoity toity1063 lyra heartstrings31969 mayor mare3613 octavia melody25876 opalescence2244 owlowiscious2103 philomena1145 photo finish2847 pinkie pie236907 princess celestia104266 princess luna108413 rainbow dash257410 rarity201461 scootaloo55184 soarin'15034 spike86561 spitfire14565 surprise2962 sweetie belle53060 time turner11409 trixie74061 twilight sparkle330340 vinyl scratch31386 winona2663 alicorn270295 earth pony352071 pegasus396436 phoenix1942 pony1299097 unicorn435476 g116724 alebrije9 black background7451 book of life20 catrina (calavera garbancera)111 charro5 cutie mark crusaders20754 dia de los muertos338 drums1263 everypony393 guitar5792 mariachi57 mexican364 mexico658 musical instrument13501 ps6 s1 luna7921 sarape9 simple background491747 sombrero349 violin559 wallpaper19832 wonderbolts4011 xibalba15


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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

^I believe that may be Doctor Whooves, since Octavia’s mane isn’t purple I assume his mane could be of a different color than it appears here.
Background Pony #BA05
I can’t identify the orange-maned stallion just behind Vinyl Scratch(who is playing a drum). Can anyone recognize him?