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My dreams of Appledash successfully coincided with recent appledash episode. Applejack is such a cute little orange :3
explicit332683 artist:twiren342 applejack164275 rainbow dash226233 pony901174 non-compete clause704 69 position2565 anatomically correct22507 anus91386 appledash5578 blatant lies1258 both cutie marks9779 cute189133 cute porn6023 dock46620 exactly what it looks like17 female1302158 implied lesbian3216 implied shipping4655 implied twijack54 lesbian92855 nudity349753 offscreen character31860 oral46232 plot74082 sex113513 shipping191130 vaginal secretions38071 vaginal secretions trail1515 vulva119842


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Background Pony #B06C
why the hay are you referring something that has to do with an apple to a orange?
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The courage to jump...
Dash ain't gonna stop. She loves it when Applejack squirms in front of authority like this, and Dash is gonna make her squirm even more.