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safe1680971 edit129715 edited screencap63479 screencap219095 mean applejack259 mean fluttershy225 mean pinkie pie198 mean rainbow dash185 mean rarity258 tree of harmony675 earth pony239292 pegasus282060 pony943024 unicorn312721 the mean 61639 clone2297 derp6719 dying270 evil rainbow dash100 female1340141 hans moleman15 image macro36975 mane six31550 mare468430 melting669 meme81260 the simpsons1796 you know for kids485 you ruined everything48


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Background Pony #2FFE
It… It looks like Pinkie's wearing a diaper or something. Combined with the fact that she looks older than granny smith, I laughed a bit TOO hard at this…