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Even when the slaves of The Society are not in use, either by their owners or by the guests, we make sure to keep their bodies active and their minds focused on what they should be. There are plenty of activities for them to participate in their ‘free time’; Exercise, playtime, socialization. These are important for a growing mare or stallion, thus we make sure that all of our slaves get a little bit each day.

Featured here is one method of getting all three at once. This secluded room in The Society’s lower levels can hold upwards to thirty males, and has located around its floor several places for a stallion to relieve a swollen erection, or at least try to. Good boys are given their own personal rubbing stocks, a nice place to move their shafts in and out of to help them relieve a bit of built up tension. The hole their cocks are stuck in is filled with a comfortable rubbery padding which is loose enough to allow thrusting and retrieval of one’s dick, but tight enough to deny removal of the cockhead. This allows for an easy reward for those who want it, and a great temptation for those who are more resistant.

Our not-so-good boys get to instead get to share what we like to call a rubbing post. A simple wooden post with the same rubbery substance wrapped around a portion of it at crotch height. This, plus a liberal usage of aphrodisiac, gives our bad boys something to think about as they are kept tied to it for hours on end. After a while, every pony breaks down a little from the burning urges building within them, and will at least attempt to relieve their chemically induced desires by rubbing the soft substance. They will find that this is not nearly enough to push them over the edge, but is enough to get them feeling good and start producing pre-cum. Given enough time, all who are attached to the post will start rubbing against it, first trying to avoid one another, but after a few mistaken grazes will find that the heat coming from one another’s dicks makes the rubbing all the more pleasant. Still not enough to induce a climax, but enough to start some homoerotic play between two slaves.

To demonstrate this function, we have here today four incredibly naughty boys all caught putting their noses where they don’t belong. Formerly knights of the royal guard, these stallions got dangerously close to discovering our secret organization’s less than legal activities. Since they wanted to know so much about what we were doing here, we decided to let them experience it firsthand, and just like any group of slaves they had their fair share of trouble makers and those who were more willing to comply. From the looks of it though, it doesn’t seem like the group will be very divided for too much longer.

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9 comments posted
Background Pony #1207
This is what they get for trying to be good guardsponies. Except instead of failing at stopping the Big Bad of the season, they fail to infiltrate and get enslaved instead!
Schorl Tourmaline's avatar
Schorl Tourmaline
@Background Pony #F59C

Not to mention that many of the OC submissions I get are crooked/corrupt guard captains who could easily cover for them (They are on an undercover mission. There, solved). It really only looks like there is no logic to those who wish for there to be any, or those who are too lazy or not smart enough to find it. Which one of these categories do you fall under Mr. F59C, if that is your real name!
TrendyLaws's avatar
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!
Wallet After Summer Sale

@Background Pony #F59C
Well it’s not like they’ll be at the Society forever, most slaves are eventually allowed to become "free-range" after they’ve been tamed. And half the point is to get them conditioned/drugged enough that they feel they can’t function without it.
I mean, sure, not everything is scientifically accurate, but it’s not like there’s no logic or thought throughout the stories.
Background Pony #F59C
"Captured guards."

Yeah, SUUUUURE. Those guys won’t be missed at all, when the whole point of this is supposed to be "We only take ponies that won’t be missed." Not to mention them being the biggest risks of blabbing or escaping. At this point I’m pretty sure there’s too much "backstory" involved in what’s a simple pointless smut story. Trying a wee bit too hard to "world build" without making any of it come close to logical, and that’s a pretty amazing feat when you’re using magical creatures in magical bullshit land.
Schorl Tourmaline's avatar
Schorl Tourmaline
We had a bit of a casting call of FIMFiction in order to try and get some OCs for this image. We got… two people, the two bat ponies. If someone would like to suggest names for the other two guards, I will gladly accept them. Perhaps we could even have them be recurring characters :D