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The next day, Applejack woke up with the exact size belly from yesterday at Sunset’s house. It was as big as a very big pumpkin. She got up out of her bed and got dressed. Even though her own clothes obviously couldn’t fit her anymore, she had to wear Granny Smith’s dresses until the day Sunset bought her some plus-sized outfits that should last about two months or so.

"I’ve got your new plus-sized clothes," said Sunset as she opened the trunk of her car to show her the outfits, "That way, you won’t have to wear those same dresses every day." Then she closed it back. "Are you ready for me to feed you again?" she asked as she was as excited as she was yesterday.

"Ya betcha!" said Applejack with a smile as she rubbed and patted her very big pumpkin-sized belly, "Speakin’ of which, would ya be interested ta help me reach a thousand pounds?"

Sunset was surprisingly shocked but a big smile appeared on her face. "Did you say ’a thousand pounds’?!?" she asked.

"Yep," said Applejack, "A thousand pounds. So what do ya say?"

"Of course I’ll help!" said Sunset, "I still have plenty of the food I bought yesterday. There’s still a lot of sweets left. There’s also a lot of snacks, and some soft drinks if you’re thirsty."

Applejack licked her lips with hunger. "Well let’s get to it!"

As they got to Sunset’s house, they went inside and went instantly to the kitchen.

"We’ll go to the halfway point first, which is five hundred pounds," said Sunset, "So what do you want me to feed you first?"

"Well," said Applejack, "I could go fer some roll cake."

Sunset went and got the roll cake. "Here you go," she said as she began to feed it to her. She really did enjoy doing this and wished it was yesterday all over again.

After the whole roll cake was all eaten, Applejack wasn’t full yet, so Sunset went ahead and fed her some more roll cake. As she was still eating, she grew fatter and her very big pumpkin-sized belly grew five times bigger to the size of a huge watermelon. Sunset was amazed and impressed when she saw Applejack’s huge watermelon-sized belly gradually growing bigger and bigger and bigger every point of times she fed her some more food.

A couple of hours went by and Applejack’s belly got a few inches bigger. She then stepped on the weight scale which it said 345 lbs. She soon smiled and stepped off of it. "It’s gettin’ there!" she said as she rubbing and jiggling her bigger watermelon-sized belly at the same time, "Bring on some more food, sugarcube, ’cuz I’m still hungry!"

"You got it, Applejack!" said Sunset as she eagerly got some more food for her. This time, she fed her some cheese puffs, potato chips, pretzels, saltine crackers, and also some cheese crackers. "Time for the main courses!" Sunset said as she fed her some hotdogs, cheeseburgers, pizzas, sandwiches, and so much more.

After the half part of feeding time, they kicked back and relaxed for a while in the living room. They just got started trying to reach the weight goal about a few hours ago.

After the break, Sunset began to feed Applejack again. Applejack grew a whole lot fatter and her belly just grew to the size of a huge beach ball. She stepped on the weight scale again and this time, it said 405 lbs. "Gettin’ close!" she said with a big belch, "I’ve got only a few pounds ta gain!"

"I know right?" agreed Sunset with an exciting smile, "You’re only ninety-five pounds away from five hundred pounds!"
Applejack wasn’t too surprised by what she was hearing. "Dang yer good at math!" she said.

"I know," Sunset said with a confident look on her face, "Now, I’ll set up all of the food in the kitchen so they’ll be ready to be eaten." She got up and went to the kitchen.

"Alright sugarcube," Applejack said with a big burp again, "I’ll be waitin’ for ya." And about thirty minutes later, she already fell asleep.

*NeonGoThic asked me to post this illustration for him.
suggestive129580 artist:neongothic143 applejack160212 sci-twi22372 sunset shimmer58298 twilight sparkle284966 fanfic:a 1000 pound cowgirl?!? i don't think so!4 equestria girls182251 equestria girls series28823 amplejack125 apple14807 apple brown betty (food)45 applefat501 appleshimmer200 bbw3911 belly24886 belly button68601 boots19454 breasts243633 busty applejack8815 calendar489 clothes414696 cowboy boots1241 cowboy hat13456 double chin1446 extra thicc673 fanfic in the description168 fast food257 fat20178 fat fetish1206 feedee450 feeder405 female934205 fetish35526 food61864 hat77605 high heel boots4861 huge belly2037 illustration309 jacket11000 leather jacket2962 lesbian92647 midriff18344 muffin top678 obese10356 pizza1735 pizza box276 requested art1149 scale213 shipping185807 shoes30963 show accurate11137 skirt35904 ssbbw1487 story included7910 thick3657 thighs8696 thunder thighs6697 weight gain3679


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Feeder Applejack

Imagine if this sort of metaphor was an answer to an unasked question:
How big is her belly?
"Big as a very big pumpkin."
So… bigger than a regular pumpkin?
"Yes, as much as a very big pumpkin."
How big is the pumpkin, then?
"As big as her belly."
…but I already have no standard for what her belly is since it's being compared to something that also has no defined standard. You could have said 'bigger than a pumpkin' and I would be less confused because the logic is at least grounded in measurements I have a general knowledge of.
"Well, how is 'bigger than a pumpkin' any better than 'big as a very big pumpkin'?"
In the first, I can infer that a regular pumpkin is being used as the standard for measurement and that it couldn't be obscenely bigger, both for the same reason: I wouldn't think that that specific metaphor would have a purpose if it wasn't somewhere within the realm of plausible similarities. On the other hand, the second metaphor describes two objects using basically the same adjective and still expects the comparison to be clear as day, even though nothing is being accomplished since I have no idea exactly how big either one is.
Feeder Applejack

Nice story! Although, I'm not sure how I feel about the expression "big as a very big pumpkin". You could have said it was bigger than a pumpkin or big as something that's inherently large instead of comparing it to something to something else that needs to be described using the same adjectives.
Background Pony #B43B
Sunset Shimmer: Oh! can I ride your back like a horse, Applejack? Pretty pretty please?
Applejack: Well, Okay, Sunset. Hop on my back, partner!
Sunset Shimmer: Yee-haw! (Sunset Shimmer jumps on Applejack's back and rearing up and neighing like a horse)
Applejack: Neiggggghhhhhh!
Sunset Shimmer: Giddyup, Applejack, come on, giddyup! (Sunset Shimmer kicks Applejack's belly wiggling with her boots and Applejack run on all fours)
Sunset Shimmer: Go outside, around the barn, i'll give you some carrot when you are a good pony.
Applejack: You got it, partner! NEIGGGGGHHHHHH!!! (Sunset Shimmer giggling and laughing)