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explicit332683 artist:burgerkiss500 queen chrysalis33621 shining armor22333 twilight sparkle291279 human148153 arm behind head5823 armpits42073 bottomless12951 breasts259874 clothes434193 condom2923 condom in mouth659 dark skin4269 dialogue61821 elf ears1861 exposed breasts1690 female1302159 humanized97236 imminent sex5695 implied chrysarmordance18 implied incest1543 implied infidelity328 implied shiningsparkle87 implied shipping4655 implied straight5212 infidelity5841 mouth hold16289 nipples154892 nudity349753 partial nudity18921 phone5596 plushie22882 ponytail16697 shining chrysalis397 shipping191130 shirt22922 shirt lift2604 signature21324 socks61681 straight129691 tan lines652 πŸ‘Œ90


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The text seems to indicate she's speaking rather clearly considering she's holding the condom between her teeth :p
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Good boy, Shining 😈😈😈

Cheat on your Equestrian wife and mix with Chryssy, make spunky little Changelings that'll be devious and naughty like their mommy 😈😈😈
Background Pony #1C19
Upvoted just for the plushies. Everything else is upvote worthy too though