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She seems to love her mom lots <3

Happy Mother’s Day~
explicit332688 artist:spunkubus157 fluttershy205292 posey shy1156 anthro244854 plantigrade anthro29798 ahegao23271 big breasts75616 blushing185911 breast milk4107 breasts259882 busty fluttershy16217 busty posey shy408 clothes434210 dialogue61823 evening gloves7946 female1302175 fluttercest227 futa43286 futa fluttershy3884 futa on female11008 garter belt3424 gloves18672 hair over one eye8544 implied creampie53 incest12927 jewelry56901 lactation5557 long gloves5175 mating press458 milf8940 missing accessory7759 missionary position3911 mother and daughter5529 necklace16833 nipples154894 no glasses120 nudity349759 open mouth132867 premature ejaculation224 sex113513 shipping191130 shyshy (lesbian)85 spread wings50622 stockings30514 symmetrical docking1174 thigh highs32142 tongue out96971 trembling637 wings92259


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Background Pony #B121
I love lactation lots but I feel this needs a nonlactate edit for those who aren't fond of it.