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Dear Princess Celestia,

today I learned a lot about running an unaccredited school with unqualified teachers in the staff.


Result of a conversation with Reind33rViking where he pointed out that the teachers immediately brushed off Yona’s incident without even apologizing to her. Jokes and this aside, I liked Non-Compete Cause, it had a classic Season 1 episode feel to it, while Applejack and Rainbow Dash already knew Twilight so much to knowhow to bamboozle her. Above aside, also loved the subversion that they didn’t learn a thing (or even allude to doing so), plus I wanted a Students 6 ep ever since the premier. (Although, where are the toys, Hasbro? Are we doing this old one again?)

Yona almost drowning felt like a major plot point abandoned by a rewrite since they dropped it immediately.


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