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safe1573525 artist:6-fingers-lover213 artist:xxmelody-scribblexx125 oc603878 oc only409243 oc:fireball19 oc:ghost heart7 oc:lucky hoof13 oc:smooth blue49 oc:strong heart12 oc:sugar cane22 earth pony198318 pegasus239029 pony844308 unicorn265491 base used15730 bust40589 female897616 levitation10527 magic65761 magical lesbian spawn10695 mare414728 movie accurate1029 offspring34312 parent:applejack3259 parent:bulk biceps369 parent:doctor fauna17 parent:fluttershy4032 parent:pinkie pie3581 parent:rainbow dash5002 parent:rarity3561 parent:sugar belle310 parent:sunset shimmer1482 parent:troubleshoes clyde329 parent:twilight sparkle7301 parents:faunashy13 parents:raribulk15 parents:sugarpie32 parents:sunsetdash43 parents:troublejack163 parents:twidash672 self-levitation544 socks (coat marking)1765 telekinesis24660


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