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Character design commission, she’s also gonna have a ref sheet later on
Changeling but with a demonic twist to her (these bugs look pretty demonic as they stand anyway)
*you can also find me at*
suggestive143181 artist:foxinshadow1087 oc685590 oc only449284 oc:stella124 changeling47717 changeling queen16533 anthro260507 anthro oc29882 belly button78001 bra15927 breasts278029 changeling oc7567 changeling queen oc1824 clothes460169 commission68557 devil horn (gesture)558 digital art18805 female1364512 loincloth1171 looking at you168885 purple changeling1665 signature24859 simple background393994 smiling248902 smirk12497 solo1065258 solo female179936 underwear60893 white background98049


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